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  • Stunning scenery close to the Kri Eco Resort in Raja Ampat
  • Colourful cuttlefish found on a night dive
  • Turtle lazing on the reef at Sipadan
  • One of the most exclusive dive resorts in the world - Wakatobi
  • Lionfish hunting on the reef in Thailand
  • Mandarin Fish in Bali

Diving and Snorkelling Holidays in Asia

diving-holidays-asiaAsia is a diverse and intriguing continent stretching from Europe and Africa in the west to the east coasts of Russia, China and Japan it is the largest continent and with its size comes diversity of landscapes, cultures, peoples and of course diving.  

South East Asia conjures up images of white sandy beaches, tropical vegetation and crystal clear, coral filled seas making it the perfect destination for those wanting to enjoy a beach holiday with some culture and amazing diving.


kri-island-smlThe majority of the diving in South East Asia is concentrated in the aptly named "Coral Triangle" which stretches from the southern tip of Japan to encompass the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Borneo, Papua and some of Micronesia and Polynesia with Indonesia at its epicentre.  

There is a huge variety of marine life to find whether you like your sea life large or small you will not be disappointed diving in Asia.  The diving is also very different from country to country and site to site from exciting drift dives in Komodo challenging even the most experienced diver to the calm critter spotting muck diving of the Lembeh Straits there is something for everyone.  

The reef life is in places truly spectacular with large predators and palagics such as Whale Sharks, Manta and Devil Rays, Sharks such as the Black Tip Reef, White Tip Reef, Grey Reef, Bamboo, Thresher, Scalloped Hammerhead and Silky, Barracuda, Tuna and Turtles always a possibility, and for macro and muck lovers there is the chance to tick some amazing critters off your list including many species of Pygmy Seahorses, Shrimps of all shapes and sizes, Flamboyant Cuttlefish, Octopus including the Mimic, Longarmed, Reef, Marbled, Wonderpus and Coconut, Pipefish of all descriptions and so much more with new species are being identified every year.


Asia Hotels

Alam Anda Dive and Spa Resort

Indonesia, bali, Tulamben,
From GBP 1,600 / 7 Nights

Siddhartha Dive Resort & Spa

Indonesia, bali, Tulamben,
From GBP 2,000 / 7 Nights

Matahari Beach Resort & Spa

Indonesia, bali, pemuteran, matahari beach resort
From GBP 2,200 / 7 Nights

Pondok-Sari Beach & Spa Resort

Indonesia, bali, pemuteran,
From GBP 1,400 / 7 Nights

Twin Lotus, Koh Lanta, Thailand

Thailand, Koh Lanta, Twin Lotus,
From GBP 1,500 / 7 Nights

Thalatta Resort, Dumaguete, Negros

Philippines, Damaguette, Zamboanguita,
From GBP 1,600 / 7 Nights

Wakatobi Dive Resort, Indonesia

Indonesia, Sulawesi, Onemobaa Island,
From GBP 3,000 / 7 Nights

Maluku Divers Resort, Ambon

Indonesia, Ambon, Ambon,
From GBP 2,000 / 7 Nights

Lankayan Island Dive Resort

Malaysia, Sabah, lankayan,
From GBP 2,200 / 7 Nights

Layang Layang Island Resort

Malaysia, Sabah, Layang Layang,
From GBP 2,000 / 7 Nights

Sipadan Water Village

Malaysia, Sabah, Mabul,
From GBP 1,800 / 7 Nights

Sipadan-Kapalai Dive Resort

Malaysia, Sabah, Kapalai Island, Kapalai Island
From GBP 2,000 / 7 Nights


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  •  Twin
  •  Silver
  •  Whale Sharks
     Tiger Sharks
     Great Whites
     Manta Rays
     Reef Sharks
     Oceanic White Tips
     Coral reefs
  •  Nightlife
     Quiet area
     Sea views
     Tennis courts
     Kids area
     Suitable for non-divers
  •  Open Water
     Advanced O/W 20+ dives
     Advanced O/W 50+ dives
  •  Adults
     New divers
     Experienced divers


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