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Koh Phi Phi

postcard perfect jungle topped limestone islands and clear tropical waters hiding a vast selection of reef life including black tip reef sharks, leopard sharks, hawskbill turtles and the occasional passing manta ray or whaleshark.  koh phi phi is more then just diving with kayaking,snorkeling, rock climbing and more on offer.
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  • koh-phi-phi-diving-holiday
  • The Bidas are two of the best dive sites in Phi Phi
  • Stunning scenery and friendly locals
  • Schools of Barracudas out in the blue
  • Enjoy golden sandy beaches and the apres dive

Scuba Diving and Snorkelling Holidays in Koh Phi Phi


Ideal for: Singles, couples and families of all diving abilities

koh-phi-phi-beachThe Phi Phi archipelago consists of 6 small islands south east of Phuket in the Andaman Sea. The largest island, Phi Phi Don, is the only inhabited island and offers a wide range of accommodation from dorms to 5* resorts.  The islands are some of the most picturesque in the world, with sheer limestone cliffs, warm clear waters and jungle vegetation. Underwater, the life explodes with a huge variety of corals, sponges, sea fans and fantastic reef life with regular sightings of Black Tip Reef Sharks, Leopard Sharks, Hawksbill Turtles, Sea Horses, Pipefish, Shrimps, reef fish and even the occasional passing Whale Shark or Manta Ray. Since being devastated by the tsunami, the islands have been rebuilt and are now a popular destination for divers, holidaymakers and travellers.  While some of the rustic charm has been lost with the new developments, the beauty of the islands is undeniable and there is plenty to keep non-divers occupies with snorkel trips, island hopping, rock climbing and more.


  • Bida Nok and Bida Nai are two small islands just south of Phi Phi Leh with astonishing reef life, swim-throughs and generally easy conditions and a great chance of Black Tip Reef Sharks, Seahorses, Pipefish and Hawksbill Turtles.
  • Palong and Malong are dive sites off Phi Phi Leh with fantastic chances of seeing sharks and turtles.
  • Anemone Reef, Shark Point Phuket and the King Cruiser Wreck are usually visited in a 3-dive day as they are close together and have some of the best diving in the area. Anemone Reef is, as its name suggests covered in colourful anemones and corals with fantastic reef life including Leopard Sharks, Moray Eels including Giant, Zebra, Honeycomb, White Eye and Yellow Margined.
  • The King Cruiser wreck is a large car ferry sunk in 1997 that sits between 10-32m and is now teeming with life including Lionfish, Scorpionfish, Moray Eels and more. Shark Point Phuket is three submerged pinnacles with the largest just breaking the surface. It is full of life and colour, with chances of seeing Hawksbill Turtles, Leopard Sharks, Moray Eels, Sea Snakes and much more.


  • Experience Level: All
  • Big Stuff:****
  • Reef Life:****
  • Wrecks:***
  • Life on Land:*****
  • Budget: ££££


More Info

  • Time: GMT + 7-8hrs
  • Flying Time: 12-14hrs
  • Language: Thai but English is spoken in most resorts
  • Climate: The west coast of Thailand has a tropical climate with the dry, high season runs November to April which is the best time to travel
  • Currency: Thai Baht £1 = 45 BHT
  • Visa Requirements: A 30-day holiday visa is granted on arrival for many EU passport holders flying into the country



Koh Phi Phi Hotels


  •  All inclusive
     Full Board
     Half Board
     Bed & Breakfast
     Room only
  •  Twin
  •  Silver
  •  Whale Sharks
     Tiger Sharks
     Great Whites
     Manta Rays
     Reef Sharks
     Oceanic White Tips
     Coral reefs
  •  Nightlife
     Quiet area
     Sea views
     Tennis courts
     Kids area
     Suitable for non-divers
  •  Open Water
     Advanced O/W 20+ dives
     Advanced O/W 50+ dives
  •  Adults
     New divers
     Experienced divers


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