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Palau has some of the best and most varied diving in the world with steep walls, WWII wrecks and a huge variety of marine life including some great chances to dive with Reef Sharks. Palau also has a unique lake snorkeling trip with millions of stingless jellyfish.

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  • Manta Ray in Palau
  • Stunning Palau is full of natural wonders
  • Moorish Idols congregate on Palau's reefs
  • Turtles are a common sight in Palau

Scuba Diving and Snorkelling Holidays in Palau

Ideal for: Singles and Couple, Advanced Open Water+ recommended

Palau is located west of the Philippines, north of Papua, and is part of Micronesia. More than 350 islands make up this small island nation, with the majority of the diving concentrated around the picturesque Rock Islands. There is a huge variety of marine life in the warm tropical waters off Palau, with great chances of diving with Manta Rays, Black Tip Reef, White Tip Reef and Grey Reef Sharks as well as more than 1,300 species of fish over 700 coral species. Palau is also famous for its diversity of dive sites with opportunities for divers to dive WWII wrecks, great cavern diving, current swept walls and lagoons.

The majority of diving in Palau consists of drift diving along beautiful walls, plateaus and coral gardens of the outer barrier reef, a forty minute boat ride through the picturesque rock island. But let's not forget the most requested dive sites in Palau, Blue Holes and Blue Corner. Not for the faint of heart, these advance dive sites create amazing memories. Blue Holes consists of four vertical shafts that open on top of the reef into a large cavern with an exit on the outer reef wall. Looking back up to the surface you see perfect outlines of the other divers against the blue that can be captured well in photos. Blue Corner is a ridge that juts out into the open ocean with a vast drop below, patrolled by sharks. You hook yourself onto the reef and once you hook in, you'll be able to float effortessly with the current, and, sharks will begin to cruise by around you. The stiller you are, the closer they come. White Tips, Grey Reef Sharks and large schools of Jacks and Black Snappers swirl slowly around you. The concentration of marine life around you is overwhelming. After this, on the same dive you can dive amongst Turtles, Manta Rays, Eagle Rays, Napoleon Wrasse, Large Dogtooth tuna, Triggerfish, Clownfish, Clown Triggers, schooling Barracuda, Jacks, and many species of Butterfly fish.

There are a number of non-diving activities including sea kayaking through the postcard perfect Rock Islands, snorkelling, trekking, visiting the famous and unique Jellyfish Lake and much more for those non-diving days or for those who are not interested in diving.


  • Ideal for: Singles and Couples
  • Experience Level: Advanced
  • Big Stuff:****
  • Reef Life:****
  • Wrecks:*****
  • Life on Land:****
  • Budget: £££££


  • Blue Corner is a must for experienced divers as the currents sweeping past the steep drop off bring with it prolific marine life including Reef Sharks, Turtles and more to a backdrop of some of the best coral life in Palau. Rated as one of the best dive sites in the world.
  • Diving the wrecks of WWII Japanese warships is the reason many divers visit Palau and with over 60 wrecks including many war ships, supply ships and even the odd airplane to explore with great visibility.
  • German Channel is a man-made shallow channel which once used to ship goods out of Palau now is home to a number of Manta Ray cleaning stations and when the currents are flowing they bring plankton and with it feeding Mantas.
  • Ngemelis Wall one of Palau’s best dive sites with a sheer wall dropping out of site with an abundance of marine life and a great place to see stunning Black Coral bushes.


  • Time: GMT +9 hrs
  • Flying Time from UK: 16-20 hours.
  • Language: English and Palauan spoken
  • Climate: Palau has a tropical climate with year round sunshine, wet season is July to October
  • Currency: US Dollar £1 = US$1.5
  • Visa Requirements: A holiday visa is granted on entry to most EU passport holders


Palau Pacific Resort

Palau, Koror, Palau Pacific Resort,
From GBP 3,500 / 7 Nights


  •  All inclusive
     Full Board
     Half Board
     Bed & Breakfast
     Room only
  •  Twin
  •  Silver
  •  Whale Sharks
     Tiger Sharks
     Great Whites
     Manta Rays
     Reef Sharks
     Oceanic White Tips
     Coral reefs
  •  Nightlife
     Quiet area
     Sea views
     Tennis courts
     Kids area
     Suitable for non-divers
  •  Open Water
     Advanced O/W 20+ dives
     Advanced O/W 50+ dives
  •  Adults
     New divers
     Experienced divers


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