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  • Guadalupe Island is a great place to dive with Great White Sharks
  • Sailfish hunting a baitball in the waters off Mexico's Pacific Coast
  • Manta Rays including the Giant Pacific Manta are found in Mexico
  • Humpback Whales visit Mexico to mate, socialise and give birth
  • Silky Sharks schooling

Pacific Mexico Liveaboards

Ideal for: Thrill seekers

The waters off the Pacific coast of Mexico are teeming with life from giants such as the recently identified Giant Pacific Manta, Humpback Whales, Blue, Sai, Fin, Pilot, Sperm and Orca Whales, Dolphins, Whale Sharks, Great White, Silky, Galapagos White Tip Reef and Silver Tip Sharks and California Sea Lions to macro favourites including Nudibranches, Octopus, Seahorses, Frogfish, Moray Eels.

Mexico is less well known for its diving on the Pacific coast then it's more popular areas like Cozumel in the Caribbean but it is truly spectacular and one of the best places in the world to dive with some large pelagics including cage diving with Great White Sharks. Due to the open ocean nature of most of the dive sites a liveaboard is the best way to make the most out of the diving on offer.


  • Guadeloupe Island is located over 150 miles from Mexico's Pacific coast and is home to the impressive Great White Shark. Cage dives allow for close encounters with these magnificent apex predators and offer the opportunity to get some great photos.
  • Socorro Island and the Revillagigedo Archipelago are home to a huge diversity of marine life and are famous for encounters with sharks and pelagic wonders and one of the best places in the world to dive with and observe Manta Rays.
  • The Sea of Cortez is home to over 850 species of fish some endemic to the area and a number of large pelagics. Once called by Jacques Cousteau as "the Worlds Aquarium" the Sea of Cortez is a must see dive destination in calm sheltered waters with relaxed diving.

More Info

  • Time: GMT -7-8 hrs
  • Flying Time: 12-15 hrs
  • Language: Spanish
  • Climate: During the summer months from May to October the weather is hot with winter bringing cooler conditions. There is little rain throughout the year.
  • Currency: Mexican Peso £1 = 20 MXN
  • Visa Requirements: A holiday visa is granted on entry to most EU passport holders


Mexico - Liveaboards

Rocio Del Mar, Mexico

Mexico, Sea of Cortez, Sea of Cortez
From GBP 2,600 / 7 Nights

Solmar V, Mexico

Mexico, Ensenada, Ensenada
From GBP 3,000 / 5 Nights


  •  All inclusive
     Full Board
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     Bed & Breakfast
     Room only
  •  Twin
  •  Silver
  •  Whale Sharks
     Tiger Sharks
     Great Whites
     Manta Rays
     Reef Sharks
     Oceanic White Tips
     Coral reefs
  •  Nightlife
     Quiet area
     Sea views
     Tennis courts
     Kids area
     Suitable for non-divers
  •  Open Water
     Advanced O/W 20+ dives
     Advanced O/W 50+ dives
  •  Adults
     New divers
     Experienced divers


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